Sister Nancy on stageSister Nancy

We had so much fun at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival this year. Family Man and I love reggae festivals, mostly for the music, and for the friendly, down-to-earth vibes of the attendees. This festival is our favorite, so far, to take the whole family to; it is very mellow and very safe – the whole event keeps a really family-friendly atmosphere.

Our boys were old enough this year to enjoy the event more fully than ever before. Although, they definitely had the most fun hanging around camp and playing with the other kids they made friends with. Family camp is a special area closest to the concert bowl (less walking and you can hear the music clearly) reserved just for families. It is way more mellow than general camping and makes the whole festival-with-kids thing doable.

Rocker TRocker T on the village stage. It was a really dubbed-out set which was a new style for Rocker T; that was cool.

The event used to be located in the Sierra Nevadas, hence the name, it is now at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds, in Boonville, CA. There are two stages, main stage and village stage which is under the redwoods. There are lots of vendors selling everything from t-shirts and jewelery to hand-made leather shoes to hydroponic growing nutrients. And of course, food. This year our friends had Family Man paint the banner for their Barbary Coast Bistro booth. He painted a pirate ship and amber-colored sky; it was so cool to see it hanging up there. I guess I was too busy gawking at it when we walked by because I didn’t take any pictures of it, sorry. Next time.

Brother and Young Son with face paintThe boys are showing off their face-paint.

Israel Vibration on the main stageIsrael Vibration

I remember seeing Izzy Vibes (Israel Vibration) at a club in Eureka with Family Man, back when we were still dating. That was a show to remember and it was great seeing them on this big stage, too. We’ve come a long way. Together, which makes it that much more special.

Brother in a camping chair with sketchbook on his lap
Brother probably spent more time drawing that weekend than anyone else at the whole festival. Everywhere he goes, now, he always has a pencil and paper. I got him to put down the pencil for a moment to take a picture with me(I’m squinting because of the sunlight, and mostly because I’m trying to concentrate on taking a photo and being in it at the same time):

Mom and Brother

Twinkle Brothers on the main stageThe Twinkle Brothers; I had never seen them perform before and Family Man is a big fan of their tunes, so this was awesome.

kids with their friendBack at family camp, one of their new fast friends was this sweet little boy called Jo-Jo. I looked over and the three of them were playing some imaginary game with their fingers.

kids with their friendI was scratching my head, so to speak, like, wow, that’s interesting. When I realized…

all three kids and the little orange tentDuh! They’re making shadow puppets on the side of the tent! Clever little munchkins…

all three kids and the orange tentA whole dramatic story was unfolding on the side of the tent.

I just LOVED watching our boys make new friends. They are so much more outgoing and friendly and brave than I was at that age; I think it is fantastic. I’m very proud.

Luciano on the main stageLuciano closed the show on the last night.

the main stage through the darknessMy little powershot camera doesn’t quite capture the moment, but it was really beautiful…

Young Son wearing a crown of glow sticksAnd of course, glow sticks are good night time amusement for the kids.

It continues to be beautiful in paradise.