This is from February 24, 2009.  I wrote it on Facebook back when FB had ‘Notes’.  It was like a little mini-blog.  At some point, FB got rid of that feature, which was maybe one of the best features.  That’s fine because now FB is basically twitter and I have my own blog, here, which is way better anyway.  So, this is what I was writing about, back then…

Why I Love Having Two Boys

My children are worth more than all the diamonds and gold in the world.  They are the precious jewels of my womb.  I pushed them out into this world, for all the good and all the challenges that come with life.  Now, they push me to be a stronger better person every day.  They push me to be compassionate; when they’re breaking down in tears over (to me) a tiny thing when I’ve just about had it with tiny (to me) things.  They push me to be tolerant, when they’re banging the walls and jumping off furniture and making life rough for each other.  They push me to be brave, when I have to stand back and watch them go into the world and hold their own, and when they take chances and take risks and I want to pull them close to me and never let them go, but I have to let them go.   I’m turning into a better, braver, more generous person because of their presence and the ways in which they test me, life tests me every day.  And it’s no small feat to shape a person into something good. There are so many mistakes to make and places to go wrong. It’s a miracle every time. I give thanks and praise to the Most High One. JAH bless. One Love.