I am so lucky. I got to spend this day with my favorite people in the whole wide world. My amazing husband and our two boys. I work on Sundays, so they actually gave me all of Saturday to celebrate Mother’s Day and it was as perfect as can be. We started out by loading the kids bikes into the car and driving up the coast. It was completely foggy in our hometown that day, and perfectly sunny and beautiful a little ways north at the parkland.

I am not a fan of taking pictures of the back of people’s heads, so I did not actually capture the boys riding their bikes on camera. Near the end of the uphill just before we made it to the big meadow, I ran ahead to get a picture of their sweet faces.

Family Man walking and boys riding bikes

It was hot, and I had accidentally left our water bottle back at the car. Ooops! This caused a bit of consternation, especially with Young Son. So we pulled off their t-shirts to help them cool off. I explained that though it seemed terrible to be hot and not have any water to drink, it was a good practice run for all our fun summer outings soon to come. You can bet Mama is going to remember to bring Two water bottles next time!

kids running through tall grass

I can just imagine what my own Mother, may she rest in peace, would have to say: Lucky you’re tough! And they were. They are my little troopers.

Young Son with two Wooly Bear caterpillars

After our hike/bike ride, we got some water to drink. Yum! Then we wandered through the picnic area and found dozens of fuzzy caterpillars in the grass, on the fence, on the trees. From the park ranger at the visitor center we learned that these are called Wooly Bears which will turn into Tiger Moths. I handed the camera over to Brother and asked him to get a picture of me and Family Man.

Family Man and Mama

It seems like only yesterday our boys were little toddlers running us ragged with their constant demands and boisterous shenanigans. Now they are turning into mature miniature people who can operate cameras and absorb surprising amounts of information about everything from caterpillars, to woodpeckers, to wild edibles. It’s pretty cool.

On our way home, we stopped in town to pick up a few things, including these lime flavored honey sticks (ie hippie candy).

Boys enjoying their honey sticks

Grandma let the boys have a sleep-over at her house that night. Freedom! Family Man and I went out and had a fantastic time. It was the best night out I have had in months. A wonderful way to end the perfect Mother’s Day.