Brother, our 7 year old, loves to draw. He spends hours every day working on his drawings, stories, and homemade books. Recently he brought home some how-to-draw Manga books from the school library. His characters got even more complex with more defined attributes.

Here are some character sketches:

Brother's drawing of Manga style characters

Check out the labels, Weapon X, Tarra, Death Himself, spelled phonetically… I love it!

Brother's second drawing of Manga style characters

He is definitely better at drawing than I am or ever will be, and he is only 7. I get very excited about this. I love to see his personality expressed through the medium of art and I love watching his skills develop over time.

Brother's drawing of house and tree with Manga style characters

I love all the details, the tree with arms, the sun with two tongues sticking out, or is it eating something? A strange stick figure guy missing a head. And yes, the girl is thinking, Damit. That does not bother me. I am not terribly strict about language, especially because I think I taught them most of the bad words they know and I have been saying for years that damn is not a swear word. It would be, if this were a strictly Christian society, but it is not. Damn does not mean much if you are not a Christian. Plus, my son has a right, like everyone, to free speech and artistic license. Way to go Brother! Keep the drawings coming… I, for one, cannot get enough.