I had some trouble sleeping last night, so I got up the wee dark hours of the morn and folded some paper boxes. My mind had been racing with creative thoughts and this was a good outlet.

First I tried some pages from a Transformer calendar.
folded paper masu boxes

The paper on these is so lightweight, almost flimsy, that it was hard to get really straight edges. Or maybe that was because it was my first try and it was the middle of the night.

folded paper masu boxes

Then I made these, from an old astronomy calendar. The paper was a nice weight and made nice crisp folds. I made them in three ascending sizes; when I was done, the littlest one fit inside of the middle one, but then the middle one would not fit in the big one. I would like it if they were all sized to nest inside each other.

These Masu boxes are super easy to make. You could look up directions on the internet and make some of your own. Old calendars are great. You can cut paper to make all sorts of different sizes. They make great gift boxes. Littler ones are really nice for jewelry.