We are modern hippie pagans who joyfully celebrate Easter because it is Spring and kids are cute to watch as they search for eggs. That is reason enough, for now.

Our kids are getting pretty big for this. This year Young Son came home from Kindergarten on the Friday before Easter with the announcement that he had seen a teachers aide changing out of the Easter bunny costume at school. (Brother made a similar announcement two years ago after seeing the persons wrist in between the Easter bunny costume at the park.)

Brother smiling about Easter egg

We probably could have kept on fooling them for another year or two if everybody and their sister was not constantly dressing up in enormous Easter bunny costumes. Me, I do not care about fooling them. In fact, I feel conflicted from the start about fooling kids into imaginary holiday characters who bestow magical gifts from out of the ether. For one thing, parents deserves some credit. And for another thing, do these pathetic modern/consumerist attempts at fairy tales actually impart our children with a real sense of magic? Or does it possibly do just the opposite?

Family Man says, go slow, look carefully, while the boys whizzed past perfectly obvious eggs and had to go back looking again and again. In their defense, the yard is looking more and more jungle like, the more rain we get.

boys hunting for Easter eggs

Check out the massive weeds growing behind our children! Who gave them permission to grow so big? We are going to have fun pulling some of them out today, as long as the weather accommodates.

And that is not all. This year we adopted another bunny into our home. We already had Mr. Buns:
black and white rabbit

And now we have Babs:
white rabbit

I will give them their own post, soon. We are happy to have Babs and we are giving her time to adjust to the activity and noises of our household. She is a sweetie pie.