driving view out the front of the car

I love to drive out here. It feels like freedom. Steering the car, flying over the pavement, going so fast, so far. But lately every time I go somewhere pretty far, like a big shopping trip an hour away, I think, how long will this last? Will our children, when they reach driving age 10 years from now, have the freedom to get in the car and drive the way I am doing now? Because according to credible scientists, we have globally hit peak oil already, petroleum available for things like driving cars will only become more scarce and more expensive as time goes on.

Will affordable alternatives be developed in time to save this automobile based economy and lifestyle we all so depend on these days? Given current political trends I question whether enough is being done and soon enough. How expensive will gas be ten years from now? I can hardly imagine.

These roads are amazing. Two lanes, no stop signs or traffic lights, almost no traffic, freedom to cruise and gorgeous nature on every side. I feel so privileged to live in this curious time and have this incredible experience.

I am soaking it up and loving every moment of it as long as it lasts. A strange conundrum given the stacking evidence of global warming caused by increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As much as I enjoy driving, I am still praying for change to come soon.

As Family Man pointed out to me the other day – Christianity aside, the story of Adam and Eve was given to people so they can understand that mankind is capable of destroying Eden in his pursuit of knowledge if he does not step wisely. Like it or not, history will remember our actions and the corresponding results, not the way we thought about it or what we meant to do and did not accomplish. Eden really is in our hands on this beautiful day and every moment presents a new choice.